Human Hamsters Roll Through Rain

Four Employees Smiling In Front Of An Inflatable Hamster Ball And A Tall Trophy

There’s a metaphor in here somewhere. Several, probably.

But rather than search too deeply for meaning, suffice it to say humans acting like rodents is highly entertaining for humans acting like … well… humans.

The TQL Derby Day patio party moved to the new lawn space at headquarters May 5 and featured giant hamster ball races.

People willingly stuffed themselves into nine-foot inflatable pods, raced up and down an inflatable track and suffered more than a few face plants in an effort to propel the ball forward.

Ben G., Ryan B., Bret B. and Chase W. of Team Schmit won the four-person relay event, rolling through four heats of competition, including the final match contested in a downpour.

“I had never done a hamster ball race in my life. It felt like basically running around in Saran Wrap,” Ben said “Especially at the end, it was like a big ball of wet Saran wrap. It was weird, extremely weird.”

But good.

“It’s fun that we have a company that sets things like that up for us,” Ben said. “It’s great to compete against one another and blow off some steam. Then you have the big oversized trophy at the end. It’s great.”

And don’t forget the metaphor. (Or simile, if you want to get technical.)

“It’s a lot like the job,” Ben said of the winning effort. “Keep your head down, keep working hard, never give up and eventually you’ll come out on top.”

Work hard, play hard is how we roll. Literally, sometimes. To be a part of the action, consider a career at TQL.

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