B105 Rounds Up High Fives In TQL Country

Morning Radio Show Hosts Smile And Point To The TQL Logo

TQL is taking over the country, so it only seems fair that country briefly took over TQL.

Country music radio personalities Big Dave, Chelsie and Statt from Cincinnati’s B105-FM morning show stopped by TQL Erlanger and visited headquarters at Ivy Pointe May 10 as part of their quest to collect 100,000 high fives from fans in 2016.

“We figured if we got out and high fived 100,000 people, that’d probably be 100,000 people we never would have met otherwise,” Statt said. “It’s been a lot of fun meeting people.”

The trio hit all four floors at Ivy Pointe and handed out grilled goetta sliders and bumper stickers in exchange for the high fives.

There is a running total of high fives on the B105 website, but Big Dave estimates he slapped hands with at least 200 people at Ivy, despite also carrying trays of sliders.

Fear not – they’re using plenty of hand sanitizer along the way.

“Y’all might have to refill those dispensers by the elevator,” Statt said with a laugh. “We don’t want anyone to get pink eye.”

TQL knows about big numbers - $2.2 billion in sales and 1.1 million loads moved last year- as well as fun publicity stunts. The company set a Guinness World Record last summer.

Want to earn a high five and a whole lot more on the job? Consider a career at TQL.

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