B2B2B Socks It To The Bay

A Closeup Of Red, White, And Black Basketball Shoes

If anyone ever needed evidence TQL people are self-motivated individuals, they need look no further than the socks.

National 3-on-3 basketball tournament emcee and analyst Ralph Lee announced teams reaching the Sweet 16 would receive a pair of TQL athletic socks. He earned the kind of cheers usually reserved for a conquering Roman general.

Cheering for socks? Giddy up, fellas.

Back to Back to Back has higher aspirations than footwear. The three-time defending champs held off The Bay (Tampa) in the feature game of the evening; Chuck S. went on a five-point tear in a two-minute span to earn Ralph’s MVP honors.

Other second-round winners included The Dirty Three 30s (Akron), FCFS (Cleveland), Team Detroit, Splash Brothers (Lexington), Patrick Ewing All-Stars (Ivy), The Beeb’s (Ivy) and Hustlers (Cincy West).

Over in the consolation bracket, eight more squads joined Team Houston in the ranks of spectators – Here For Beer, The Bangers, Get Buckets, Goon Squad, The $10 Tees, Prince and the Revolution, Team Atlanta and Ralph Lees Angels.

Action resumes tonight at 5:30 p.m. at on the TQL court.*

Fans all over the company can tune into a live video stream of the action.

  • The schedule includes 10 elimination games in the second and third rounds of the consolation bracket and four third-round contests in the winner’s bracket:
  • Consolation bracket: Strokers (Indy) vs. Phoenix Suns (Ivy) (5:30)
  • Consolation bracket: The Fallouts (Chicago) vs. Team Mobile (5:30)
  • Consolation bracket: Murphy Boys (Ivy) vs. CS/LS (Edison) (5:45)
  • Consolation bracket: Baseline Leaners (Dayton) vs. Pippen Ain’t Easy (5:45)
  • Consolation bracket: G-6 (Lexington) vs. ROC Boys (Ivy) (6:00)
  • Consolation bracket: Old Warhorses (Pittsburgh) vs. The Seabass (Cincy East) (6:00)
  • Third round: The Dirty Three 30s (Akron) vs. FCFS (Cleveland) (6:15)
  • Third round: Team Detroit vs. Splash Bros. (Lexington) (6:15)
  • Third round: Back to Back to Back (Ivy) vs. Patrick Ewing All-Stars (Ivy) (6:30)
  • Third round: The Beeb’s (Ivy) vs. Hustlers (Cincy West) (6:30)
  • Consolation bracket: The Bay (Tampa) vs. Ball ‘Til We Fall (Ivy) (6:45)
  • Consolation bracket: Strokers /Phoenix Suns vs. The Fallouts/Team Mobile (6:45)
  • Consolation bracket: Murphy Boys/CS/LS vs. Baseline Leaners/Pippen Ain’t Easy (7:00)
  • Consolation bracket: G-6/ROC Boys vs. Old Warhorses/The Seabass (7:00)

Ralph recaps the action from Day 2 of the tourney, picks tonight’s feature game and drops a truth bomb on his namesake team from Columbia right here

Got game? Show your stuff by considering a career at TQL.

* In case of inclement weather, we’ll shift the action back to Nothin’ But Net Sports Complex (4343 Mt. Carmel-Tobasco Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244).

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