And Then There Were Three

Man dunking basketball

All that stands between Team Back-to-Back becoming Team Copyright Infringement is one game. Maybe two.

See, back in the 1980s, Los Angeles head coach Pat Riley trademarked the word “three-peat” for the Showtime Lakers of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. So if B2B wins the TQL 3-on-3 basketball tournament, the guys may have to call a lawyer to change their name for next year.

Both Team Pittsburgh and Team Lexington hope to save B2B the potential legal fees.

Lexington survived the rigors of tournament play to win four games Thursday and advance to loser’s bracket final. Pittsburgh was the second-last unbeaten team before facing B2B and dropping into the loser’s bracket final against Lexington.

(Should the Pittsburgh-Lexington winner beat B2B, a rematch will be required in the two-and-out format to crown a champion.)

No matter the outcome, making the tournament national in scope and condensing it into a single week of play has been a success. Ten teams from satellite offices competed against 20 local squads, playing a total of 58 games to reach the final day on the court.

Action tips off at 5:00 tonight (May 22) during the patio party. TQL also will host representatives from The Cure Starts Now and the Mount Saint Joseph cheerleaders, and make a check presentation in the memory of Lauren Hill.

Check out photos from the tournament in our Facebook gallery.

Watch tournament emcee Ralph Lee’s recap of last night’s action, his breakdown of the loser’s bracket final and whether or not anyone can unseat the defending champs.

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