"It's Cool." TQL Carriers Pleased With New Technology

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"I'm telling people TQL has a very cool feature." 

This was the feedback heard this week from Marlino Mehmeti, a driver with Planet Xpress, who is among the first to use TQL's newest technology, Carrier Dashboard 4.1.

With this latest release, Carrier Dashboard becomes the first mobile application in the trucking industry with speak-and-search technology.

As Mehmeti explained, load searches have never been easier. "I just told it place to place where I wanted to go and it got me the load I wanted."

"We are the first to market with a mobile application that allows drivers to search for loads with their voice," said TQL President, Kerry Byrne. "Technology is a serious competitive advantage. The faster carriers can find our loads, the easier it is for us to satisfy our customers' delivery requirement." 

The app has been in development for more than a year and features an industry-specific vocabulary tailored to moving freight. It also uses a form of artificial intelligence to continuously improve performance, recognize regional accents, and filter out most ambient noise. Quite simply: the more drivers use the app, the better it gets.

And when it's time to head home, drivers simply ask the app to "Take Me Home" and it will find them a load heading back to their hometown. 

Carrier Dashboard 4.1 is available for Apple and Android devices on the app store or Google Play. 

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