TQLer Named Women's College Tennis Player Of The Year

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Name a famous athlete born in Bangalore, India.

If you follow Cricket, you may know several, but otherwise you might find this command to be a bit of a stumper.

Did you know there's one right here at TQL? Nimisha M., whose U-18 Indian singles title at the age of 16 eventually led to a full ride at Miami University, is a two-time all-Mid-American Conference performer on the court.

After graduating with a degree in finance in December, she came to TQL in February where she is an LAET at Ivy Pointe.

The Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Women’s Sports Association recently named Nimisha its college tennis player of the year during a banquet at Cintas Center.

TQL was one of the event sponsors; GSM Robby K. presented her award, along with featured speaker Cammy Dierking and Olympic gold medalist Mary Wineberg.

“It’s out of 50,000 female athletes in the region – college, club, high school, everything,” Nimisha said. “I was really excited. I had no idea until I got a call one day from my associate athletic director at Miami telling me that I won. It’s nothing I expected, but it’s very nice.”

Nimisha started noodling around with a tennis racquet as a youngster living in London, but didn’t get serious about the game until returning to her native Bangalore at age 10. She started playing tournaments at age 13 and won her first a year later as she rose through the Indian youth ranks.

Her tennis career helped prepare her for working at TQL.

“Playing tennis, I definitely went through a lot of ups and downs,” Nimisha said. “Everything has its own challenges, so you just work through them. I like the environment here. It’s relaxed, but it’s intense and challenging, too. And I like the competition.”

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