Women in Logistics Spotlight: Tasha

Women in Logistics (WIL) is an Employee Resource Group that attracts, connects and develops the TQL community of women by providing internal networking opportunities, professional development and community involvement. WIL spotlights its members regularly to share their stories of success. This month, learn about Tasha, a Senior Enterprise Sales Support Manager, and her TQL career.

Share your story of becoming successful at TQL.

When I joined TQL, I was at a crossroads in my career. From day one, TQL felt like home. I realized that being in sales was not for me but I loved the company. I became a Logistics Coordinator for the account I was a Logistics Account Executive Trainee for and have not looked back. I got an opportunity to join Enterprise when it was a relatively new department and decided I wanted to continue that path and teach people how to be great assets within the company. I moved up by showing up early, staying late and being a helpful hand in all departments attached to Enterprise. I always reached out to mentor newer employees. As I continue my new role as a manager, my main focus is to bring a positive attitude and strong work ethic to the position.

What qualities/personality traits got you where you are today? 

Having a positive attitude, the drive to succeed and realizing that you will fail. But once you do fail, leaning on others around you to build you up and help you succeed. Also, being a mentor to the people around you. You are only as strong as the bench you build.

What are the benefits of having more women and diversity at TQL? 

Diversity allows TQL to grow as a whole. Every person brings light, aspirations and ideas to the group. By having diversity, it allows you to take a step back, listen to others and build something remarkable.

What is the best career advice you’ve received and given? 

Do not give up. Realize there are days that you will not accomplish everything you put your mind to, and that is OK. That is what your team and TQL family are for. We build each other up, create ideas and initiatives together, and as a whole will accomplish everything we set our minds to. Also, do not be afraid to ask people for advice on plans and initiatives. They can bring ideas to the group that you have not thought about.

How do you maintain work-life balance? 

I work out four days a week, which gives me time to take a breather and focus on myself. I also play in kickball and volleyball leagues. This allows me to not only bond with people outside work but have a little competitive fun. Lastly, I take a vacation every year to Cancun. I have realized it is OK to take one to two weeks a year and trust my team to continue doing amazing work without me.

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