Why Women In Logistics Are Taking On More Leadership Roles

TQL’s WIL (Women in Logistics) is an employee resource group focused on providing internal networking opportunities and professional development. The program was founded in 2013, to attract, connect, retain and develop TQL’s community of women. There are over 2,500 women in the program, who participate in WIL’s seminars, social outings and volunteer events within our local communities.

Logistics has always been a male dominated field, but TQL is changing industry standards by working to put an end to gender stereotypes. WIL provides individuals with the resources they need to succeed in their career, which translates to more female applicants each year.

WIL hosts an annual panel featuring 6 successful female leaders who share their stories, the obstacles they have had to overcome and how to move up into leadership roles. TQL hopes that these panels will inspire women to work hard to achieve their goals.

Sarah U., an active member of WIL, explains the benefits of having more women and diversity at TQL and she said “It is important in any workplace to open the door to perspectives other than your own. Overall, this stimulates critical thinking, and facilitates growth in multiple ways.” Having diversity at all our locations has enabled us as a company to increase our productivity and creativity.

Here at TQL, we create an environment that is inclusive of everyone and fosters growth for all our employees. WIL continues to help us achieve this goal by giving women an outlet to network and advance their professional careers.

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