Relocate Across the U.S. with TQL

Have you ever considered a fresh start in a new state or wanted to explore a different part of the country?

TQL can take you anywhere with 56 offices in 26 states through our Paid Relocation Assistance Program. We are proud to offer paid relocation to our HQ in Cincinnati for all roles as well as assistance to other offices across the country for eligible roles.

Leaders and employees’ company-wide have traveled the country with TQL, experiencing different cities while building their career at the same time. Here is what some of our well-traveled TQL’ers have to say:

Bryan M. –Team Leader in Las Vegas, NV

“I began my career at TQL as a Sales Representative in the Portland, OR office. At first, I thought it would be an ‘every man for himself’ type of environment, but I quickly learned that the culture and teamwork was amazing. After being promoted into a leadership role in just three months, my director asked if I would relocate to our Las Vegas office. I accepted and immediately started planning my move with the Relocation Team, who set up a trip beforehand so I could scope out the city. Once I figured out which areas I liked, the Relocation Team handled everything else, and the process was very easy. Today, I’m the Las Vegas Team Leader and have been with the company for five years. This isn’t your typical sales job, and we have the best in-house training programs.”

Nicholas M. –Sales Recruiter in Detroit, MI

“TQL has always been there to support me and push me to achieve my goals. I currently serve in the Army Reserve and work as a Sales Recruiter in the Detroit office. I originally started in Raleigh, NC, with no experience in the logistics industry. After going through the training program, I saw an opportunity to work in Detroit, my hometown. I took advantage of the offer and quickly found a new apartment in the city. Relocating was easy because TQL covered all my expenses.

I’ve learned that the mindset and culture here will push you to do great things. This company will give you every tool and resource that you need to be successful, but it’s up to you to put in the effort.”

Ross H. –Sales Manager in Tampa, FL

“I started out in Phoenix as a Sales Representative in 2017 and a few years later relocated to Columbia, SC, to experience a larger scope of responsibility. In 2021, I was promoted to Sales Manager of Tampa, FL, and was excited relocate and join a larger team to continue my managerial development. The Relocation Team helped relieve the stress of moving during both of my promotions by ensuring the process always went smooth. Living in Tampa has been a great experience – our office is right next to the beach and there are plenty of activities to do here.”

Corey W. –Sales Manager in Savannah, GA 

My journey with TQL started by mastering the logistics industry as a Sales Representative in Columbus, OH. After learning about TQL’s Paid Relocation Program, I earned my first promotion and relocated to join my new team in Daytona Beach, FL. TQL’s Relocation Team helped every step of the way. I had never been away from my hometown before, and I’m thankful that TQL allowed me the chance to get outside of my comfort zone. Today, I’m the Sales Manager of the Savannah, GA office and have been with TQL for nine years.”

If you’re looking for a company that sets you up for success whether it’s in your hometown, or across the nation, take the leap and apply today at

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