Deck Stacked For NCAA Tourney Viewing

Two Employees Posing In Front Of A TQL Wall With A New Roku TV

At least one member of Team Atlanta is more than ready for March Madness.

LAE Joshua R. took home a 50-inch flat-screen television March 15, just in time for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

“I had a softball game after work and was a little nervous about having it in the back of my car, but as soon as I got home I got it mounted on the wall,” he said. “Perfect timing.”

Josh got the TV for winning his office’s five-week “Stack the Deck” sales competition.

LAEs and LAETs who met certain metrics received playing cards to fill out a poker hand. Josh won with two pair – eights and nines.

“It’s a little bit embarrassing to say, but I don’t really play poker,” Josh said. “The whole time I was collecting cards I was asking, ‘Is this any good? Am I doing OK?’

“It’s an honor to have won. This is week five on my own after training. I guess I had a couple good weeks at the right time.”

The Atlanta native came to TQL for a summer internship last year after graduating from Georgia Southern with a degree in sports management. He started full time in September and finished training just in time for the contest.

While his alma mater did not make the dance, Josh is an adopted North Carolina fan. He picked the top-seeded Tar Heels to take the tournament over a predicted Final Four that also includes Oklahoma, Villanova and Virginia.

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