TQL Employees Down Almost A Ton

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The 2016 TQL DietBet challenge ended with 326 participants – up from 259 in 2015. Among them, 136 (41.7 percent) reached the target weight loss of four percent of their starting body weight.

By comparison, only 33.5 percent of participants hit the four-percent goal in 2015.

In total, TQL employees dropped 1,801 pounds during the month-long competition. That’s 586 pounds more than competitors lost last year.

DietBet participants paid an entry fee; everyone who reached the four-percent loss goal split the pot. Those who made the number more than doubled their initial investment.

The company provided FitBit devices to the first 300 participants who registered, helping them track their goals.

“DietBet is important for a lot of reasons,” said employee engagement specialist Katie S. “We want our people to be healthy and happy. If we can help give them incentives to improve their health, that’s a win-win for all of us.”

In addition to the FitBits and split-the-pot winnings, five employees who reached their weight-loss goal won $200 pre-paid MasterCards in a random drawing.

Tyree H., a senior LAE from Team Jacksonville, was one of the gift card winners. While the prize was nice, he was motivated by more than money.

“It was just the goal of losing weight,” he said. “I had a goal in mind after I came back from a little trip in December. We went to Busch Gardens (in Tampa) and I couldn’t fit on some of the roller coasters. When this came around it was kind of a no brainer.”

Tyree went eight pounds past his goal loss during the contest and has since dropped another five or 10 pounds since the contest ended.

What’s he going to do with his prize money?

“We’re going to a wedding and going back to Busch Gardens this weekend,” he said. “I’m going to get on some of those roller coasters.”

Pounds and inches are about the only things we like to lose at TQL. If you want to be part of a winning effort, consider a career at TQL.

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