Wiffle-Bash II: The Sequel

TQL Wiffle-Bash Flyer

The good news is your cranky old neighbor won’t be hollering to stay out of his wife’s rose bushes. The better news is wiffleball is back. The best news is the game is for a good cause.

The backyard sport of youth – complete with ghost runners and an “it’s-a-double-if-it-crosses-this-line” vibe - returns in competitive form thanks to TQL Louisville.

Cory D. organized the second annual Wiffle-Bash tournament scheduled for 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, April 25, at Ascension Parish (4600 Lynnbrook Drive, Louisville, Ky. 40220).

“We did it last year and we learned a lot,” he said. “This is year is going to be bigger and better. We’re more organized. We’ll have more teams. And we’ve got food trucks and beer vendors coming out.”

Proceeds from Wiffle-Bash 2015 benefit Louisville’s Robert Frost Sixth-Grade Academy.

TQL learned about the school during a recent leadership conference. The faculty/staff motto - “Our scholars are worth whatever it takes” – lines up with TQL’s winning principles. The office reached principal Faith Stroud to see how Team Louisville could get on board.

“We were pretty blown away by what the teachers and counselors were doing in and out of the classroom,” Cory said. “They are going above and beyond, really making a difference to get kids ready for the rest of middle school and high school.”

Stroud – who inherited one of the worst-performing middle schools in the state - said she and her staff are grateful for the help and will be good stewards of any resources they receive. (TQL extended Frost Academy an invitation to enter a team free of charge.)

“We have a school-wide initiative on literacy,” Stroud said. “We provide every scholar who is reading below grade-level an extra literacy class. We understand the more you read and practice close reading skills, you will improve comprehension skills, vocabulary skills and fluency skills.”

Part of the program has been corporate sponsors funding novels for the students. To read, yes, but also to take home, keep and share with their families, many of whom have fewer than 10 books in the house.

“For us it’s huge,” said Stroud of the chance to partner with TQL. “Just being able to have some extra resources to support the kids and giving them experiences is really big. That gives them something to dream about.”

Check out Frost Academy on Twitter at @6thgradefalcons.

Then check out the registration website and sign up to play ball. Registration for the double-elimination tournament is open until April 16. Cost is $100 per four-player team. An optional fifth player is permitted, but only four players are allowed on the field at a time. Wiffle-Bash t-shirts are available on the registration site for $7 each.

“We’re hoping some teams from TQL Lexington, Indy, Nashville and Cincinnati sign up,” Cory said. “We’ve got a group from the Louisville chapter of the UK Young Alumni planning to play. It’s just going to be a fun event.”

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