TQL Trainee Saved The Day

stick figure answering telephone

If a Total Quality Logistics account executive knows one thing, it’s how to work the phones. 

So it may be no surprise to find out sales trainee Kyle G. didn’t panic March 13 when a dispatcher called him about a driver having health issues on the road.

“Kyle was instrumental in helping save the life of one of our drivers by quickly calling the shipper, having the shipper come out and check on the driver, and calling an ambulance,” the dispatcher said. “The driver was experiencing what we believe to be a heart attack. We wish to pass along our thanks for his help.”

The driver – hauling a load of recycled bottles from Iowa to Ohio – was in fact having a heart attack.

Kyle located the driver, alerted local emergency medical personnel and had the driver taken to a nearby hospital.

All from his office in Orlando.

“We were just happy he was OK and he’s going to get better,” Kyle said. 

Kyle relied on some past experience to help him keep calm and avert disaster.

“My dad is a diabetic and I’ve had to take him to the hospital a few times,” he said. “When you’re in high school and come home to see your dad on the floor, that can be pretty scary. But you just have to keep your cool and act.”

Kyle moved to Orlando from Chicago without a job, but a TQL recruiter brought him on board. 

“It was a big risk, but I was confident in my résumé, confident in my willingness to work hard,” he said. “When I shadowed at TQL, I was hooked. I had some other opportunities, but this was the best fit for me.”

He’s been with the company about three months and is looking forward to striking out on his own.

“I know my role here is going to be changing soon,” Kyle said. “I’ve had great training and my LAE is great, but I’m excited to build my own book of business.”

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