Chubby Bunny Not For The Faint Of Heart

Peeps on tiny motorcycles with bandannas on

Legend has it a certain TQL-er (whose identity shall remain anonymous) once stuffed 21 medium-sized marshmallows into his or her face and still managed to utter the words “chubby bunny.”

So in true TQL fashion, we upped the ante and put on a twist on this old holiday challenge. Instead of marshmallows, we're using bunny-shaped Peeps.

Alyse and Mark issued the first video challenge. They also launched the competition's first scandal.

Did Mark chew his peeps?  
Want to take the chubby bunny challenge? 

What you need:
BUNNY-SHAPED Peeps. Pick them up at grocery or drug store. 1 package per participant most likely.


  1. Add only one Peep at a time (Peeps may be squished by hand before inserting).
  2. No chewing.
  3. Must clearly say “chubby bunny” before adding the next Peep.
  4. Have fun.

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