TQL Big Brothers Big Sisters Employee Spotlight Part 3

Title: Sales Support Manager
Tenure: 9 years
Location: Tampa

What was the first activity you went on with your Little?
My Little, Bella, and I went to a group event with a horse pulled wagon, a dance party and fishing. It was an amazing day. She caught her first fish! I was so proud of her and happy to be there for that moment. It was such an incredible event and a great ice breaker.

How do you think your mentorship has impacted your Little?
Bella has opened my eyes to how differently others grow up. I try to instill in her, through my own actions, that you should always treat others with kindness. Always being there is a comfort for her.   

What inspired you to get involved with Big Brother Big Sisters?
In short, TQL! We have a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters and I was excited to help. When I heard how many children were on a waiting list for a mentor, I knew I had to get involved.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone interested in becoming a Big?
Be patient! Somedays it is easier than others. It is an incredibly rewarding experience but can also be challenging. I know that being invested in my Little matters. Sometimes, your mentorship is one of the few consistent things they have.

If money was no object, what would be your dream outing with your Little?
Without a doubt, swimming with dolphins!

TQL is proud to support our employees’ community activism with the Big Brothers Big Sisters by reimbursing TQL Bigs for outings with the Littles.  Want a workplace that supports the community and gives back? A career at TQL could be right for you. Check out our openings here.

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