TQL Big Brothers Big Sisters Employee Spotlight Part 1

Title: General Sales Manager
Tenure: 15 years
Location: Pittsburgh

What was the first activity you went on with your Little?
We went to the park and then out to dinner. At the park, my Little wanted to play every sport possible — and we did.  After that, we went out and got Taco Bell at his request.

How do you think your mentorship has impacted your Little?
I truly believe that I have been able to make a positive impact on my Little. I think having a Big to spend time with has helped him develop and grow as a young adult.

What inspired you to get involved with Big Brother Big Sisters?
My Dad was a Big Brother when I was in college.  Seeing him get involved personally inspired me to feel like it was a way that I could positively impact another person. 

Another inspiration was TQL’s support of the program and Nathan’s (TQL Vice President of Sales) involvement in the program.  Seeing how he was impacted, and how it has stuck with him to this day, is inspiring.  TQL’s support with reimbursement and time-off is also something that has encouraged me to get, and stay, involved.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone interested in becoming a Big?
Don’t be intimidated by it. BBBS has many programs available for you to get involved in.  They also are extremely helpful with the program.  You are not on your own planning things to do. They are working with you to ensure that you and your Little are having a great experience and developing a bond.

If money was no object, what would be your dream outing with your Little?
We would take a trip out of state and get front row tickets to a Cavs game.  We would also go to a nice restaurant and then finish up with some ice cream.  A meal and ice cream has become a staple in every outing we have.

TQL is proud to support our employees’ community activism with the Big Brothers Big Sisters by reimbursing TQL Bigs for outings with the Littles.  Want a workplace that supports the community and gives back? A career at TQL could be right for you. Check out our openings here.

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