TQL Helps Local Animal Sanctuary through Moves That Matter Program

Angel’s Rest Animal Society is the latest recipient of a grant from TQL’s Moves That Matter program. Angel’s Rest Animal Society is an animal hospice in Amelia, Ohio that houses dogs and cats that may never get adopted due to their age, life-long ailments or disabilities. The group also brings pet supplies to seniors and homebound individuals to ensure no one is lonely and without companionship because they cannot afford to care for their pet.

TQL’s Moves that Matter grant of $1,000 helped Angel’s Rest receive delivery of a 5,000-pound load of pet supplies.

“As every small nonprofit can attest, it is very difficult to turn away donated items as we financially struggle every day. It is particularly hard when the donated item is crucial to the organization, but due to the logistics and cost involved in transporting the load, we have to turn it away,” says Angel’s Rest Founder and President, Perla Medina-Kinne.

Moves That Matter benefits nonprofits nationwide that use the truckload transportation industry to move items to help those in need. TQL employees, customers or carriers can nominate any nonprofit organizations with whom they have worked to help move an important load of freight.

“I have never met a more dedicated and efficient group of individuals,” says Medina-Kinne. “Within a few hours of submitting the Moves That Matter application, I was in contact with several people whose only mission was getting the load delivered in the quickest most efficient way possible.”

Since 2014, TQL has donated $29,000 to help move 25 different loads of freight for nonprofits across the nation through its Moves That Matter program.

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