7 Things You Didn't Read In Our Top Workplaces Profile

Two Pictures Of Kangaroos, One Kissing A Woman And One Waving At The Camera

7 Things You Didn’t Read in our Top Workplaces Profile
(And why they’ll make you want to work here)
As stated in our Cincinnati Enquirer Top Workplaces profile – TQL arranges the movement of freight from point A to point B.  While that may not sound exciting, or particularly glamorous, we work hard to ensure the strawberries, sweaters, laptops and K-Cups consumers want get to the places that sell them. We are currently the 2nd largest freight broker in America – and we’re gunning for first.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider joining us.
Drum roll please…
7. We make our own luck.  It sounds like just another one of those sayings – but it’s true.  Just look at the odds…
Odds that one of these people made money doing this?

Line Of People Waiting Behind A Sign That Says Millionaire Made Here

I think we can all agree these odds are slim.
Odds that one of these people made money doing this?

TQL Employees Hard At Work In Their Desks On Their Floor

100%.  They’re making their own luck through hard work.
6. TQL is home to one of the biggest fashion empires in Cincinnati.  It’s true. We’re known for designing and making it rain our TQL original t-shirts every quarter. If you worked here, just think - you could be our next model:

Two TQL Employees Pointing To Their Logos On Their Matching Blue TQL Shirts

TQL Employees In Their Matching St. Patricks Day TQL Shirts

Two Women Dressed As Christmas Items In Front Of A Grey Team Manuel Wall

 (Okay, so not every hit is a homerun. Regardless, jeans and a TQL t-shirt on TQL Thursdays is a grand slam.)
5. TQL hosts the only national 3-on-3 tournament in Cincinnati.  BUT…you have to work here to play here.

And we don’t stop at basketball – we have an on-site gym, a walking trail, a ping pong table (the training team insists ping pong is a legit “sport”), a running club and TQL backs 57 adult intramural sports teams across the country. If you’re sporty, we support you.
 Three Photos Of TQL Employees Participating In Their Basketball Tournament On The TQL Basketball Courts
4.  Three words:  Puppies.  And.  Kittens.
Yep.  We’ll use any excuse to bring puppies and kittens into our offices.

A Picture Of A Woman With Two Orange Kittens And A Picture Of A Man With A Dog

We even made this guy run 12 hours straight on a treadmill to bring in puppies. We’re completely addicted.

Smiling Employee Running On A Treadmill Next To A Picture Of Him Holding A Puppy

Disclaimer: We didn’t make Chris M. run…he actually wanted to do it.  Seriously.  He really did.)
3. We own a zoo.  Okay – this one is a complete lie.  BUT, we did bring a camel to the office to celebrate Hump Day, and a kangaroo to celebrate Hoppy Thursday.

A Picture Of A woman Getting Kissed By A Camel Next To A Picture Of A Waving Kangaroo

When was the last time your boss brought you a kangaroo?
2. TQL cares. We even have a program called TQL Cares. If you don’t mind, we’re going to be serious for a moment. Like most companies, we have a corporate philanthropy program that supports the causes we’re passionate about.  But we realize that our employees have causes that they’re passionate about as well. So, we support them by offering “Dollars for Doers” – a donation of $10 per hour of volunteer work; and Team Grants – a $250 grant to a nonprofit that a team of TQL employees volunteers with.

An Aerial View Of The TQL Parking Lot, Filled With Employees Doing Pushups

And – like with all things – when we support a cause, we give it everything we’ve got.  Last year, we even broke a Guinness World Record for the most people doing pushups at the same time in the same location to support the Boot Campaign – a nonprofit dedicated to funding programs that support military families during and post service. Sure, we could have just written a check, but…how boring is that?
1.  TQL has been on the Top Workplaces in Cincinnati list…seven times. (blushing) 

A Graphic Of Seven Different Top Work Places Awards In A Row

**disclaimers (things the legal department made us say)**

- We have no idea if the people in the lottery ticket line actually did or did not win money. We assume they did not earn any while they were standing in line.

- The TQL 3-on-3 tournament is not rigged. A few teams just can’t stand the fact that one team has won it 4 years in a row.

- No puppies or kittens were harmed during any TQL events. Quite a few found their FUR-ever homes, though.

- We really mean it. Chris WANTED to run for 12 hours straight.

- The camel was reported to HR for inappropriate hair snacking and had to complete 12 hours of sensitivity training before returning to work.

- TQL supports 140 charities across the country, engaging 73% of its workforce in philanthropic activities.

- Anyone wishing to join our award winning team can apply here.

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