Way To Go, Daddy-O

Two Spark Plugs, One Resting On Top Of The Other

Mom gets the roses, the breakfast in bed, the cute handmade cards, the phone calls.
Dad gets spark plugs. Maybe a tie.

And that’s cool with him.
Which is just one of the reasons dads are cool with us. At TQL we are grateful for all the fathers – and father figures – who helped make us the people we are today.
With Father’s Day upon us, we felt it was important to take a moment and say it out loud.
Thank you, dads.
And for all the fathers on the road out there – hey, we are in the transportation business after all – we especially salute you.
Your hard work getting goods from point A to point B, spending long periods away from your families so we can have the necessities and luxuries of life… well, we don’t know what we’d do without you.
Thank you.
Happy Father’s Day.

Want to make your dad proud? Build an amazing career at TQL.

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