10 Cool Workplace Perks Possibly Coming To An Office Near You

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TQL is already well-known for its celebratory corporate culture. Weeknight patio parties and Friday night beer drops are staples in every office. But other perks, like an on-site fitness center, haven’t been as easy to recreate in 32 different offices in varying locales across the country.

But you know the motto at TQL – no limits, no excuses. So in true TQL fashion, here comes the TQL Perks Team to the rescue. Employee Engagement Specialists are working hard to bring more amenities to offices nationwide. Discounted gym memberships, now offered at all sites, are the tip of the iceberg. 

Here’s a sneak peak at perks under consideration or already in place at offices across the country: 

1. Personalized holiday card delivery service: Speaking of no excuses...personalized card delivery service for Mother's Day was a huge success with nearly half of our employees nationwide taking advantage of the program. Let’s see if dad can get the same love.

2. Onsite oil changes: Say whaaaaa? Never wait in an oil change lobby again? Depending on an office's location, this perk is a possibility. The Charlotte team currently is taking advantage of this one. 

3. Pet food delivery: Fresh, gluten free pet food delivered to your workplace or doorstep. Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Lexington offices are giving this one a try. 

4. Wine, beer, and spirits delivery service: Yes. This really exists. And for beer-drop Friday, our downtown offices like Chicago are extremely appreciative. It sure beats carrying 20 cases or trying to move your car.  

5. Onsite massage: Ahhhh. Let the stress of that last load melt away and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. The 10 minute massage is currently offered in Charleston, Charlotte, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, and Cincinnati headquarters.  

6. Grocery delivery service: Some locations like Lexington, Louisville and Denver already have fresh fruit delivery to their office. How about expanding it to all sorts of items that you might need from your local neighborhood grocery store? It's under investigation.

7. Dry cleaning service: Cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear. Services in Charleston, Charlotte, Columbus, Dayton, Denver, Detroit, Chicago, and Cincinnati keep TQL employees looking sharp with pick-up and delivery services. 

8. Task Rabbit: So mere mortals can say they have a personal assistant, this service helps you find professionals to do various tasks including housecleaning and running errands. It's being tested at offices in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston and Portland. 

9. Handyman services: So what if you need handyman? That's an option being looked into as well. 

10. Laundry delivery: And finally, why limit ourselves to just dry cleaning? The TQL Perks team is currently investigating laundry services that will wash, fold and bring back your freshly washed clothes. 

What kinds of perks would you like to see at your office? The Employee Engagement Team is always looking for ideas. Visit the Idea Bank or email TQLPerks@tql.com with your suggestions. 

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