TQL Louisville LAET Olympics

People in Hawaiian shirts with blue background

Teams of brokers-in-training at TQL Louisville battled over four events - dizzy chair relay, human Mario Kart, knowledge relay and Cheetos toss - during its LAET Olympics June 12. A tiebreaking lip-synch battle determined the winning team.  

While a Wheaties box may or may not be in the immediate future for Brycen H., Mason R., Ralph R. and Amanda S., the winning squad didearn a Saturday shift off and a $50 gift card donated by the Sport and Social Club, a frequent after-work hangout.

“It was pretty cool to win that and have everyone high fiving us and bringing us into the TQL family,” Brycen said. “All the LAEs came and watched. That was a pretty big deal for us.”

Brycen said his favorite event to watch was Mario Kart, where competitors armed with pins rolled around the office popping balloons affixed to their opponents’ chairs while protecting their own.

McKenzie M. – who helped organize the Olympics with fellow LAEs Collin H., John P., Keenan C., Cory R. and Nick D. – was more partial to the Cheetos toss. Contestants had a minute to don a shower cap, spray their heads with whipped cream and see how many cheese doodles their partners could get to stick.

“We just Googled a bunch of different office games and that one looked great,” she said. “The whole thing was fun, really. People got into it.”

If you can throw a Cheeto and have a gold-medal work ethic, check out job opportunities with TQL Louisville.

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