TQL Interns Sort And Serve In Record-Breaking Time

People folding clothes around a table

TQL interns brought their A games to the volunteer table during Intern Service Day at Lighthouse Youth Services.

In 30 minutes they sorted 21 boxes of donated clothing - a task that typically takes about a month for Lighthouse's small warehouse staff to complete. 

Volunteer and Community Involvement Manager Dana Saxton says the interns efficiency will make a difference in many lives.

“It helps to have this team of young adults from TQL taking on these projects.”

The interns also rolled up their sleeves to make nearly 300 PB&J sandwiches to be included in care packages for homeless youth.

TQL summer intern Mark C. said volunteering at Lighthouse opened his eyes.

“It clarified what I want to do with my life – I really want to help people and help them to realize they can do anything if they want it badly enough.”

Lighthouse Youth Services serves more than 6,000 disadvantaged children and youth each year through several community initiatives including home based services, services to delinquent youth and facilitating services to homeless youth and runaways.

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