Expect The Unexpected

Kangaroo wearing blue bandana

Typical afternoon at TQL. Ear to the phone, nose to the grindstone, eye on the prize.

Then a kangaroo comes hopping down the aisle of TQL headquarters July 9. Hoppy Thursday TQL employees. 

“Only here,” said one observer. “Only here would they even think of bringing in a kangaroo, let alone actually do it. It’s things like this that keep this place interesting. You never know what you’ll see next at TQL.”

Actually, what our employees next saw was a pie tasting from Arbuckle Mountain July 13 and a pair of Mister Softee trucks giving away ice cream July 14 to celebrate the All-Star Game.

Moving freight is a challenging, competitive business that demands extended hours of effort and concentration. So little things to break up the day -- and break out a laugh -- are a welcome renewal. Our employees are worth it.

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