BEST practices at TQL: Stacee

Black Employees Supporting Talent (BEST) is an Employee Resource Group that contributes to the growth and development of employees who self-identify as Black, African American, West Indian or of African descent. BEST spotlights its members to share their stories of success.

Meet Stacee, TQL’s Finance L&D Senior Manager.

Share your story of how you became successful at TQL.

I chose to come to TQL because of the opportunities to learn and grow professionally. The education I've gotten has given me the competitive edge I needed to be successful. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of every learning opportunity TQL offers.

What qualities or personality traits have propelled you to where you are today?

I'm tenacious. I refuse to give up. I've run into many obstacles in my career, and if I gave up at every turn, I'd get nowhere. I've learned that if I can't kick down the door, I'll find an open window. If I don't have the necessary knowledge, I'll find training. 

What are the benefits of having more diversity at TQL?

Representation is everything. Our customer base is diverse, so if we're going to appeal to them, we need to understand them on a diverse level. Our organization is diverse, so if we're going to be leaders who understand and drive our people to success, we need to understand them through their differences. Diversity at TQL will allow us to grow stronger and continue to excel. 

What motivates or inspires you?

I'm motivated by opportunities. It's why Monday is my favorite day. Monday is an opportunity to start fresh.

What is the best career advice you’ve received and given?

What got you here won't get you there. Always be ready to improve, learn and change if you want to get to the next level. Don't get trapped in the habits that got you to the level you're at and think you're going to achieve your higher goals.

Do you have a TQL mentor? If so, how is that beneficial to you?

I not only have TQL mentors but they're sponsors. I've learned so much about the organization and ways to succeed professionally. I've been given opportunities I might not have had if I hadn't gotten myself mentors. I encourage everyone to seek out a mentor. Your mentors have had experiences you can learn from and have seen challenges you've never had.

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