2020: Out With A Boom

2020 challenged the world’s supply chain and gave fresh meaning to what it is to be an “essential” business. Logistics careers quarterbacking the transportation of vital goods across North America can be demanding, but TQL’ers showed incredible grit in 2020 and got the job done.

In acknowledgment of the TQL Team meeting the challenge of moving critical goods during a pandemic, we handed out prizes all-day on January 15 to deserving employees and unveiled our state-of-the-art corporate headquarters expansion.

Kicking-off the COVID-safe outdoor celebration, which was live streamed to all satellite offices, was our CEO, Ken Oaks, with a virtual tour of our HQ expansion, which more than doubles our office space. The video highlighted a cutting-edge fitness center, a full-service restaurant style café, a 24/7 grab-and-go market and an in-house coffee shop.

The celebration was packed with food, beer and prizes — lots of prizes. Electronics, tons of swag and $400 gift cards were awarded to employees throughout the day, culminating with the giveaway of FOUR. BRAND. NEW. CARS. The winners can be found cruising around in a Ford Bronco, F-150, Toyota Tacoma and a Mustang.

Rewarding hard work is a big part of culture at TQL and so is giving back to the community. As part of the celebration, $100,000 in grants were donated to charities that TQL’ers voted on, including The Humane Society, St. Christopher’s Trucker Relief Fund, Boys & Girls Club of America and Ronald McDonald House.

The day concluded with a custom firework show shooting-off over HQ while a DJ played and the 30’ by 60’ American flag flew, making the January evening seem more like a July night. Working hard, winning big and giving back — that’s life at TQL.

TQL careers are meaningful and fun. Check out our employee benefits and openings here.

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