WIL Hosts Speed Mentoring Event

WIL Speed Mentoring Night Powerpoint

TQL has worked hard to provide women opportunities to grow and advance in the fast-paced logistics industry. In fact, since 2013, we have seen a seven-percent jump in women in the workplace and a 415-percent jump in leadership positions held by women and minorities.
In an effort to keep that upward trend, TQL’s Women in Logistics (WIL) group hosted a speed mentoring event at TQL’s corporate headquarters Jan. 25. More than 20 women attended in person, while another 90-plus participated in an earlier remote session from satellite offices.

Each participant had six five-minute sessions to sit down and chat face-to-face with any of the 15 company leaders who took part, ranging from the CFO to the vice president of sales.
Sales leaders were a focus, but managers and executives from prospecting, recruiting and carrier services – more than half of them women themselves - also lent their expertise.
HR coordinator Ashley S. said the goal of the evening was to put employees and management together in a comfortable setting.
“This is just a good chance for the women to get to know the people who are making decisions in the company,” she said. “It’s also a chance for the leaders to get to know them. It’s a chance to get some recognition and to talk about how they can improve their careers.”
To that end, WIL provided a list of questions women could use to start a conversation. Among them… What was your career motivation? When was a time you felt like you failed and how did you recover? What do you wish you had known before your first management role?
Campus recruiter Marquette G. said she sought inspiration from asking people how they got where they are.
“I think you can learn a lot by how people came up and you can see how you compare. I want to know how to get from here to CEO Ken Oaks’ chair,” she said.

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