On The Set Of A Super Bowl Commercial

Nathan Knipper Smiling Next To His Big-Brother Mike Hardig While On Set For A SuperBowl Commercial

Denver and Charlotte. Old guard versus the young guns. Super Bowl 50 looks intriguing. And while the matchup is set, there’s more than just football in store.

TQL is sponsoring an advertisement for Big Brothers Big Sisters during the big game Feb. 7 on Local 12.

Vice President of Sales Nathan Knipper appears with his one-time Big Brother, Mike Harding, to talk about the importance of having a mentor at a young age.

Making just a small part of this Super Bowl commercial on Jan. 6 at Ivy Pointe headquarters took longer than the game itself.

Nathan delivered a line and a technician adjusted a light in the background about two degrees. Deliver a line. Adjust a light. Line. Adjust. Repeat. For about 30 solid minutes.

Meantime, Mike waited off camera, making small talk with other members of the crew. He’s been in the coal sales business nearly 40 years said he’s proud to see the sales route his Little embraced.

The scene shifts to the lobby and repeats itself. Big and Little stand side by side, working on smiles. Technicians work on lights in the background. A few employees work on keeping coworkers from walking through the scene.

About three hours after arriving, the crew packed up for its next location.

Three hours of work for what may amount to 10 seconds in the 30-second commercial.

“It might not look very exciting if you’re just watching us set up and shoot,” said director Jay Shatz, whose award-winning JayTV production company is creating the commercial. “But it is very exciting for us to have all the different shots and put them together to tell a story in 30 seconds.”

We're all excited to see the final product. Tune in February 7 to see TQL make its television debut and encourage people across the Tri-State to get involved with BBBS.

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