VETS stories of success: Todd

Veteran Employees Targeting Success (VETS), one of TQL’s Employee Resource Groups, attracts and develops military, veteran, military family and supporter talent.

The VETS Spotlight features military members who have served our country. Meet Todd, TQL’s Vice President of Recruiting.

What motivated you to enlist?

My family has a tradition of serving. My father, uncle and grandfather served in the Army, and I needed a change. I wanted to earn money for college and gain discipline and direction after high school. I could not have made a better choice, as I went right back into the Army after college. 

What are the benefits of having military experience at TQL?

I think discipline, loyalty, adaptability and a fast-paced team environment set you up well for life. Those life skills translate extremely well here at TQL.

What motivates/inspires you?

I am motivated to the best version of me I can be - the best man, leader, father and example in everything I do. The Army, particularly Ranger School, ingrained that in me and it’s something I work at every day.

Having served, what do you appreciate most about our military?

I did things in the military I would have never done otherwise. I spent time in other countries, jumped out of airplanes and went through experiences that challenged me and shaped who I am today.

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