Charlotte Wins Super Bowl

A Football Placed On The 50 Yard Line Of A Football Field

No, the headline is not wrong. Charlotte did win the Super Bowl.
It just didn’t happen to be the one sponsored by the National Football League.
Total Quality Logistics has offices in both Denver and Charlotte, leading to the usual smack talk between cities heading into the NFL title game.
While the Broncos gave Peyton Manning a storybook finish to his Hall of Fame career with a 24-10 win over the Panthers, TQL Charlotte beat TQL Denver 21-7 in a football-themed sales challenge between the offices.
Team Denver has to buy a pizza lunch for Team Charlotte and wear Panthers gear for a day.
“We work hard all year preparing for moments like this,” said D.J. W., Charlotte GSM. “When the lights shine brightest, Team Charlotte knows how to deliver.”
Denver GSM Stephen P. handled the defeat considerably better than Cam Newton.
“Charlotte has a very strong team with great skills,” he said. “Congrats to them on their win. No excuses, no limits. We look forward to another competition down the road.”

Stephen and his team did get a nice consolation prize. The Broncos' victory parade passed right outside their office Feb. 9. Team Denver set up its TQL tent along the route at 6 a.m. in anticipation of a crowd expected to approach 400,000.
Come play for a winning team; visit for open positions and consider a career at TQL.

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