TQL Fayetteville Pits Science Vs. Experience In Pizza Contest

Four Employees Individually Eating An Entire Pizza For A Contest

Like Hillary and Bernie in the Iowa caucuses, the pizza-eating contest at TQL Fayetteville was too close to call.

Unlike the politicians, the Feb. 5 Arkansas chomp fest delivered actual entertainment and ended a mere five minutes after it started - without threat of continuing until November.

LAE Harrison W. said he felt “pizza drunk” when contacted an hour or so after the event. Understandable, considering he appeared to finish a whole pie. “I’m very full of pizza and pride.”

LAE Brandon A. knows about eating lots of pizza. He and his University of Arkansas roommate attempted a one-hour pizza challenge at Gusano’s as sophomores back in 2011.

“I’m a competitive person and I’m always up for a challenge,” Brandon said. “Plus I love pizza, so why not? Honestly, the roof of my mouth hurts more than anything. That pizza was very hot.”

If Brandon had experience, Harrison had science.

“I have a kinesiology degree,” he said. ”I think it helped knowing the mechanics of the jaw muscles. I was able to maximize my jaw muscles and use them in unison to fully reach their potential for prime chewing force, enabling my final push.”

Brandon said no dice.

“I mean, Harrison spit his pizza back out towards the end,” he said. “I only had one slice and a very tiny piece left, so I’d say it was a tie.”

Decide for yourself who won by watching the video here.

And if you decide you want to crush the competition like team Fayetteville crushes pizza, check out our job listings here and consider a career at TQL.

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