The More You Know: Holy Bat Trap!

People on bridge looking at a group of bats

March is more than just the start of Spring under downtown Austin's Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. It's also the start of bat-watching season. 

Soon thousands of pregnant, Mexican free-tailed bats will start migrating to North America. They take up residence under the bridge and by summer the colony can house up to 1.5 million bats - making it the largest urban bat colony in North America.

Around sunset every night the bats emerge in a black cloud to feast on area insects. Thousands of people line-up to watch.

Texas is one of only three states with an official state bat. Who knew? 

Did you know that TQL has an office in Austin? (If you hate bats, no worries: the bridge is seven miles from the office.) Check out all of our TQL job openings in Austin, and throughout the state of Texas

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