Welcome to the Team

More than 350 newly-hired TQL employees attended the company’s 4th new hire welcome event of the year on Wednesday evening, December 11, 2019 at Cincinnati’s headquarters, and via live stream at TQL’s satellite offices.

The event is hosted by the company’s onboarding team and aims to officially welcome each new employee to the TQL team.

CEO Ken Oaks, a regular speaker at all new hire welcome events, provided the new hires with his expectations of everyone in the company.

“We are the hardest working company in our industry.  We do things the right way. And that’s our expectation of all of you,” said Oaks.

Oaks continued with advice on how best to succeed at TQL: “Ask your supervisor “What else can I do?” It’s all about staying incredibly busy. The busier you are the more you’re going to learn.”

TQL New Hire teams across the country also went head to head in TQL-themed trivia, hosted by one of TQL’s VP of Sales. Team Denver took home the win followed by Team Pittsburgh in 2nd and Team St. Louis in 3rd. The teams won gift cards to the TQL online store to help new hires build their TQL wardrobe.

“I really enjoyed this event,” said Justin M., a newly hired Software Developer. “It was nice to hear from executive leadership their thoughts and comments on our questions, and to network with other new hires,” added Justin.


By hiring the right people, delivering the right technology and doing the right thing, Total Quality Logistics (TQL) has propelled from a start-up to the largest privately held freight brokerage firm in the nation. TQL continuously exceeds the expectations of our employees, customers and carriers. There’s no secret to our success, it’s plain and simple – we work harder than anyone else in the business.

Now is the time to be a part of something big. Let’s get started and find your next career today.

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