TQL Cares For The Holidays Reveals Generous Nature

TQL Cared for the Holidays Top Highlights

We wanted to shine a light on what interested you.

What TQL Cares for the Holidays revealed was a heart as big as Santa Claus.

As the graphic above details, in the month from Thanksgiving to Christmas 42 teams and offices around the country embarked on 57 holiday giving projects. That’s almost two charity projects a day for an entire month.

And those are just the teams and offices who took a minute to share their stories. We know there were more out there doing good work, but who were too modest to let others know.

The aggregate numbers prove how a small, grass-roots campaign can add up to something big.

We’re proud of everyone who donated a can or a toy, who chipped in a buck or two, who went shopping, who served, who cooked or collected. Who inspired those around them to do a little bit for others who might not have been able to do for themselves.

Believe it or not, still more wait in the pipeline today and tomorrow because your generosity flowed so fast we could barely keep up.

So thank you, TQL, for your many gifts of time, treasure and talent. For making a difference. For doing things the right way.

Because TQL Cares.

Merry Christmas.

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