Cargo Theft. Bah, Humbug!

Parked Semi trucks in a snow covered lot

Cargo theft is an unfortunate part of Christmas present in the logistics industry, but it doesn't have to be in your future. Arm yourself with information this holiday season to make theft part of Christmas past. 

CargoNet®, the cargo theft prevention and recovery network, has published its Christmas holiday cargo theft trends report. Over the last  three years, during the period of December 23 through January 2, cargo  theft incidents have continued to rise; nearly half of all thefts occur at  truck stops, warehouses and parking lots, where freight is left  unattended. The best solution - never leave freight sitting around. But  since this isn't always possible, here are some extra precautions to take  in the days ahead: 
- Have a secure check-in process when setting up new carriers and when they arrive to pick up a load. This should include things like verifying how long the carrier or 3PL has had their authority through the FMCSA and making sure your 3PL has the required $75,000 surety bond
- Only park loaded trailers in secured lots that have barrier to entry, access control, lighting, surveillance and monitoring.
- Securely lock both tractors and trailers and request the driver report as soon as they drop and as soon as they come back to pick it up. 
- Ask the local police department to make additional patrols around warehouses or secure lots and make sure all lights, back-up generators, alarm systems and surveillance equipment are in good working order prior to leaving for the weekend. 
- Consider investing in discreet GPS tracking devices to place within product packaging or pallets. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from TQL. Enjoy a safe and joyous season. Need help finding or moving a load? We're here 24/7/365, nights, weekends and holidays. 

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