TQL Cares For The Holidays Finishes Strong

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We’re wrapping up the blog portion of our amazing TQL Cares for the Holidays effort in a blaze of Yuletide glory, adding one last post before Christmas to give a quick shout to eight teams working with nine charities.
TQL Indianapolis worked with its local United Way chapter to adopt a family.

“We had a list of things they needed, then we gave a little extra,” said national sales recruiter Erika S., especially when they learned about their family – several of the children are fighting sickle cell anemia.

“Just the mother, Callie, came to get the gifts Dec. 21. Everyone was really excited to meet her and wanted to let her know that we are thinking of her and her family. We all gave her hugs and wished her a Merry Christmas after we helped carry everything out to her car. It was definitely a great way to start off the holiday.”

In TQL Daytona Beach, a similar story unfolded. A couple of the office's founding team members met a family in need where their children go to daycare. Among the couple’s eight children is one with cerebral palsy requiring full-time, stay-at-home care from mom.

“Our team of 18 people was able to purchase all of the gifts for each of the children,” said SOL Tim L. “They came by the office Dec. 22 to pick up all the presents from Santa and enjoy some cupcakes, coffee and milk.

“The kids were smiling from ear to ear and were playing for a while with the team members here before they headed out,” Tim said. “After talking with a lot of the team members, everyone had the same feelings of joy and happiness for being able to give and show our support for a local family in need.”

Team Manuel located at the Cincinnati, Oh headquarters worked with the St. Vincent DePaul adopt-a-family program to provide for a family of four that included three children.

“We chose SVDP because it is an organization that is well known in the community and we knew how much of a need there was for families to be adopted,” said LAE Alexandra A. “When we were walking with all the gifts, a man passed us and said we looked like Santa Claus with the big bags of toys.

“Between people’s purchases and donated funds we collected around $500. We are very grateful to be able to help families in need in our area and give back to our community.”

Team Edwards in the Cincinnati East II office followed its Thanksgiving food drive for Riverview East Academy with a Christmas collection for students in need, adopting 43 students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade.
Each received a new school uniform and at least one toy from his or her wish list. STL Ashley T. organized the project with the school principal.
The team loaded an SUV full of presents this morning, headed to the school, watched the students perform in their Christmas Program “The Polar Express” and had a party in a classroom and gave the presents to the students.

TQL Chicago teams II and IV joined forces for an impromptu clothing drive and donated a truckload of clothing to the Salvation Army.

“We just thought of it out of the blue and they were more than happy to accept,” said BTL Matt S. “It probably will clothe several families.”

Team Kochar, also located at Cincinnati headquarters, collected three barrels of food – up from two collected in in 2014 – for the Freestore Foodbank. The donation the team made Dec. 21 yielded nearly 300 pounds of food that will help feed 300 people in need.
The team also adopted a family through Caracole, a local nonprofit organization that helps families going through medical and financial hardships. Team Kochhar donated more than $300 to buy gifts for four children this Christmas.

TQL Austin followed up its Ronald McDonald House gift with a toy drive. The team collected more than 40 toys and delivered them to Dell’s Children’s Hospital Dec. 19.

Team Memphis – now up to 21 people – collected 40 gifts that went to kids who won’t be home for Christmas as they seek treatment at Le Boheur Children’s Hospital.
TQL Columbus doubled down on its recent work with the Salvation Army of Central Ohio, collecting and donating more than 1,100 pounds of food to the organization Dec. 21.

Five teams in the office competed to see which could raise the most. Columbus II was the winner with 260 pounds. They earned a cruise pass to deliver the food personally and take the rest of the afternoon off, as well as a special Christmas ale for the next beer drop.

The IT department at Ivy Pointe worked with BLOC Ministries to help several families make it through the holidays with gifts and clothing. The department bought 20 clothing items and 20 toys for the 20 children spread across eight different families.

“I served with BLOC several years ago for a couple outreach projects via the Go Cincinnati program at Crossroads,” said network administrator Clint G. “After the outreach project, I looked for other opportunities to help where needed.

“The IT department has supported families through BLOC since 2011. I think we continue to support families because it is rewarding to support others in need. Also, TQL does a great job encouraging employees to give back to the community.”

It does. Because TQL Cares. 

Merry Christmas to all.

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