Top Five Business Storylines For 2015

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We’re always looking forward, striving for the next milestone, reaching for the next goal. But in order to know where we’re going, sometimes it’s worth a moment to look back and see where we’ve been.
In no particular order, TQL takes a look at some of the top factors that made 2015 a great year for the company.

New president: Founder and CEO Ken Oaks divested himself of the company presidency, elevating executive vice president Kerry Byrne to the position. The move lets Kerry oversee day-to-day operations while freeing Ken to look more strategically toward the future.

Winning culture: TQL rocks a work-hard-play-hard, slackers-need-not-apply, we-got-this culture and word definitely got around. Among other notable awards, Glassdoor named us an Employees Choice Award winner, Fortune called us one of the 50 best companies in the country for millennials and camaraderie, and we earned a Guinness World Record®.

Another million: TQL brokers arranged almost 1.2 million truckload shipments all over North America. That’s an almost 20-percent increase over 2014, and approaching 50 percent better than the 850,000 loads moved back in 2013.

$2B x 2: TQL eclipsed the $2B mark in sales revenue for a second year in a row, finishing the fiscal year at more than $2.2B, an increase of $100 million from last year.

Expansion: TQL opened 11 new offices – far and away the most ambitious growth in the company’s history to date – bringing our total number of offices to 37 in 20 states.  

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