25 Years of Stories: Dan G.

To celebrate TQL's 25th anniversary, we're featuring our people's favorite milestones and memories. 

Ask Dan what he’s done at TQL the last 16 years and he’ll tell you he’s been a finder of parking spaces and bathrooms. The Director of Real Estate has spent over 1,000 hotel nights and countless flights keeping up with TQL’s growth by finding satellite offices, negotiating building leases and setting up workspaces. He engineered the staff’s move to TQL's current headquarters in 2007 and then helped open all 56 satellites in 26 states. He won’t take all the credit – that goes to his team of 23 and years of collaboration with other departments – but he has followed one major rule along the way: zero downtime. To avoid productivity loss, Dan and his team have assembled offices at lightning speed. Through experience and process-tweaking, Dan’s team recently has taken on TQL’s largest move, relocating 350 TQL’ers in one evening. It’s a contrast to 2009 when Dan and a colleague needed a full 12 hours just to assemble an eight-pack of desks at the Chicago office. “At our peak, we opened a new office every three weeks in 2016,” Dan said. “We opened 17 new offices and completed 26 expansions.” The best part of his job? Watching thousands of employees’ happy reactions to their new digs. “It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come,” Dan said.


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