TQL’s 15th Annual Giving Campaign

August 5, 2020 kicked off TQL’s 15th annual week-long giving campaign where we encouraged our employees to donate to causes they care about. 

Putting our employees first allowed us to gain a better understanding of why and where they care. Below is just one example of why TQL’er, Kari, donated to Norton Children’s Hospital.

“When my nephew, Bradley, was just 10 months old, he had to undergo open heart surgery because he had multiple significant holes in his heart. The doctors and nurses at Norton Children’s were able to perform a lifesaving surgery on Bradley. He is now a happy and healthy 8-year-old, who rocks his “superman” scar.  I hope through my donation I can help another family going through the same struggles. I can’t imagine life without this goofy little guy in it! I am forever grateful!”

We are proud to be able to support causes close to our employees hearts by matching each donation at 50 percent. With over 5,000 employees company wide, we set a goal to have at least 75 percent of the company participate. This year we not only met, but exceed, our goal with total participation of 81 percent. Together we pledged over $955,000 including the match from the TQL Foundation to more than 2,400 nonprofits over the next year.

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