Math is hard…giving back is easy.

When you’re a kid, and even for some adults we know… math can be hard. For Anastasia it was so hard that she struggled to control her emotions and frustrations. With little confidence and prone to outbursts, she started attending the Williams Boys & Girls Club (BGC) in New Richmond, Ohio. The staff at the Club immediately recognized that Anastasia was a great kid, but her frustration was getting the best of her. So they patiently and persistently worked with her. Anastasia worked hard and gradually made positive strides. As her math skills improved, so did her behavior and even more impressive, she became a leader.  After three years, she now helps other kids in the club and encourages them along the way, with confidence. 

Every year TQL’ers across the nation donate their time and money with local Boys & Girls Clubs. From our annual Field Day and Christmas Party, to sprucing up the clubs with paint and landscaping, we try to play a part in supporting kids like Anastasia.

Like all organizations, COVID-19 has had a major impact on BGC, forcing them to shut their doors abruptly and rethink their programming. As clubs slowly reopen in the fall, they will have to operate at limited capacity, not able to serve all kids in person.  A lot of club members benefit from a hands-on approach to learning and mentorship, and the program allows working parents to drop off and pick up their children at hours that fit their busy schedules. These changes are huge roadblocks kids who need it most.

Youth organizations across the nation need our help now more than ever as they work to pivot their programing to better assist those in need. Knowing the struggle ahead facing the Boys and Girls Club and all nonprofits in our community, TQL is not taking the foot off the gas. August 5 thru August 12 marks TQL’s 15th Annual Giving Campaign where we encourage TQL’ers to donate to any cause they care about and we match it. We know that with 82% of our team stepping up to support our communities last year, that we can make a bigger impact together. 

Check back weekly to learn how other organizations are being affected. Interested in joining a team that prioritizes taking care of each other and our communities? Join us.  

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