Twenty Years of No Limits. No Excuses.

Three TQL Logos And The Years They Were Used

Reaching for the sky isn’t about desire or deserving. It’s about grit, grind and dogged resolve. People don’t tell you that when they tell you “the sky’s the limit!”

But it's what we know at TQL, and it's how we've grown to be the 2nd largest freight brokerage firm in the United States.   

When TQL was founded, it had one goal: to bring the highest level of professional service and integrity to the truckload transportation industry. Twenty years of hard work and relentless determination pays off.

This month, we celebrate our 20th anniversary with the theme, “The Sky’s the Limit.”  Because when you work as hard as we do, anything is possible.

Here are a few highlights of our journey:

  • 1997 – TQL founded with two employees
  • 2004 – TQL builds a new office in Milford, Ohio
  • 2006 – TQL establishes TQL Cares to help employees maximize their charitable giving
  • 2007 – TQL opens its new headquarters off I-275 in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 2009 – TQL opens its first satellite office in Chicago, Illinois
  • 2011 – TQL hits $1 billion in sales
  • 2013 – TQL opens its 20th location in Houston, Texas
  • 2014 – TQL hits $2 billion in sales
  • 2015 – TQL sets Guinness World record for most people doing pushups at once
  • 2016 – TQL gives $1.6 million in charitable donations, engaging 75% of our workforce in philanthropic activities
  • 2017 – TQL celebrates its 20th anniversary and opens its 60th satellite office in New Orleans

Thank you.

We are truly grateful to all our employees, customers, carriers, government leaders and business partners who have helped us get here. 

There’s still a lot of sky to reach for out there, so we’d better get back to work. Come join us if you’re up for it.

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