Hey 19: Looking Forward, Not Back

The Front Of The TQL Building With A Banner Hanging From The Top

For 19 years – happy birthday to us August 1 - Total Quality Logistics has been all about looking forward, not looking back.
Over those 19 years we’ve become noted for celebrating milestones large and small and building a company culture second to none. And at the risk of bragging, we’ve got 45 different workplace awards across the country so far this year to back it up.
We’re justifiably proud of those awards, but even more proud of the actual work we do.
The work TQL does has been described as not complicated, but incredibly hard. Mostly because it is relentless in its pursuit of excellence and giving the best customer experience imaginable.
But most people aren’t built for relentless.
So we find the hungriest, the hardest-working, the most I’ve-got-something-to-prove people, train them, give them the tools and support they need and let them unleash their effort and creativity.
The work TQL does puts more than 70 percent of every item from food to flat-screen TVs in every home across the country.
The work TQL does provides thousands of jobs and countless opportunities for people to achieve financial success.
The work TQL does creates opportunities for people to set goals, to meet challenges, to assume leadership roles based on merit, to think critically and to solve difficult problems.
The work we do is the reason TQL continues to grow, continues to attract top talent, continues to thrive.
So yeah, we celebrate the birthday of the company. But we do it knowing as soon as the candle on the cake is out, we’re right back to work trying to earn another milestone.
And we’ll get it, too. Want to join us? Here’s where you can start to build an exceptional career at TQL.

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