Full Speed Ahead For TQL's Newest East Coast Office.

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Kirsten H. never imagined that studying sociology and anthropology would lead to a career in logistics. Or, that a unique experience at her alma mater Christopher Newport University – riding dressage in equestrian competitions – could turn into a building block for her career in sales.

“It was really about building a connection with your horse and getting them to move in very precise movements with as little movement from you as possible,” she explained.  “It’s the kind of riding they do in the Olympics – it kind of looks like horse dancing.”

But outside of Mr. Ed, horses don’t talk, and she wanted a more human focus as she entered her professional life.

“I have always wanted to work with people and I thought that studying people was the only way to do that,” said the Covington, Va., native.  “I never realized how rewarding a job in brokerage could be and that it could fulfill my desire to work with others and build personal relationships.”

She says one of the best things about opening an office in Richmond is being a founding member on a fantastic team.

“We are strong individual workers who are unstoppable together.”

Satellite Office Leader Henry W. is no stranger to Richmond, having grown up there and played on the same football team as Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Henry also played lacrosse and ran track in high school.

“It’s exciting to see team Richmond bringing this job opportunity to my hometown,” he said. “I’ve wanted to open an office and I would have gone anywhere to do it – and I still would – but I’m really happy to have this chance in Richmond.”

Henry went to the University of South Carolina and worked in hotel management in Colorado before coming to TQL in February of 2012. He is ready to hit the ground running and says the best things about working at TQL are the team atmosphere, company culture and the energetic fast pace.

“I think the most important thing is just the need to succeed. The can’t-fail attitude,” he said. “It hasn’t really crossed my mind not to succeed.”

He says he’s happy to be a part of the rapid growth of the company and is eager to grow the Richmond office.

As advice to anyone seeking a career at TQL, “keep your foot on the gas.”

Want to accelerate your job search? Get in the driver’s seat of your career and apply for an entry-level sales job at the Richmond office here.

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