TQL Makes Big Moves

As an essential business that helped keep America moving during the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw firsthand the immense need of communities and individuals across the nation. In September of 2020, motivated to help those in need, we made a commitment to donate our time, expertise and the cost of covering $1 million in transportation expenses through our Moves That Matter program. The mission of Moves That Matter is to get donated goods to the nonprofits that need them on time and at no cost.

In just six months, our sales professionals volunteered to coordinate the shipment of over 5 million pounds of donated goods, and paid for more than $290,000 in transportation costs, getting us a quarter of a way to our goal. From food, water, toys, medical supplies and household items we have proudly partnered with our customers to make the logistics of receiving these donated goods costless and easy for hundreds of food banks, homeless shelters, and community nonprofits serving those in need across the nation.

What does 5 million pounds of donated goods really mean? It is hard to grasp the impact of such an enormous number. Here are a few stories about how Moves that Matter has helped bring relief to public schools, feed those on the front lines during the global pandemic and provided necessities to storm victims.

Due to COVID-19, water fountains were not in use in Chicagoland and Granite City public schools. To ensure that no child went thirsty, TQL partnered with a customer to transport a donation of over 900,000 pounds of bottled water. Children had access to the water at school and were encouraged to bring it home to their families as well.

In June of 2020 essential hospital workers in New York and Philadelphia were working long hours due to the global pandemic. TQL partnered with a customer to deliver over 100,000 meal kits to these workers, ensuring they had quality and nourishing meals to fuel their tireless work.

To help with food insecurity in the aftermath of the 2021 Texas winter storm, TQL teamed-up with Beachside Produce of Guadalupe, California to deliver 40,000 pounds of broccoli, or about 240,000 servings, to the Central Texas Food Bank. The donation caught the attention of the George & Barbara Bush Foundation, which used the donation to motivate others to donate.

Moves That Matter was inspired by TQL’s desire to use their expertise to solve logistical problems for nonprofits. See if your load of donated goods qualifies for Moves That Matter here.

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