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TQL is committed to improving our environment
by driving smart, responsible solutions for our
carriers and customers.

As the second-largest freight brokerage firm in North America, we are dedicated to improving our business practices to make a positive impact on the world. That’s why we continue to set sustainability goals for ourselves, like Empty Miles Reduction and offering modes and services that are less carbon intensive. 

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Read Video Transcript TQL is tackling climate change through three efforts: partnering with industry experts, reducing empty miles and food waste, and promoting less carbon intensive modes and services. We’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint by partnering with sustainability focused organizations. Last year, in collaborating with SmartWay, an EPA program, we moved over 370,000 loads more sustainably through their certified carriers. Supported by the American Chemistry Council and Together for Sustainability, who help set industry standards, we take great care in transporting materials that could pose environmental risks if mishandled, like chemicals. We also have our own in-house programs that reduce waste. We’re finding more ways to make sure Through our operational food salvage process and our charitable Moves that Matter program, we redistributed 630,000 pounds of food in 2022. Wasted food isn’t our only focus. Empty Miles are freight waste! They are miles driven without any freight. We’re on our way to eliminating 45 million empty miles by 2025 by combining the power of our carrier network and proprietary technology. While we’re reducing truckload empty miles, we’re also proud to offer Intermodal services, which have a significantly reduced carbon footprint than trucks. Connect with us to learn more about how you can partner with TQL to drive sustainable solutions. We can make a greater impact together.



We are committed to a reduction of 45 million empty miles by 2025.

What Are Empty Miles?

Empty miles, or deadhead miles, are miles driven by carriers who are not hauling any freight. Not only do empty miles make the supply chain sluggish and waste time for carriers but they contribute 76 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Empty Miles Infographic

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Improving Our Procss for a Better World

11m pounds of goods donated

TQL moves donated loads to nonprofits in need through Moves That Matter. We lend logistics expertise and cover the transportation cost to move your charitable loads to nonprofits in need.

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388,000 pounds of food saved from landfills

TQL is dedicated to reducing food insecurity and reducing waste through donations and salvage. Through Moves that Matter, we have transported 3M pounds of donated food and saved another 388K pounds from landfills.

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Industry Change Through Our Carrier Network

TQL is committed to supporting carriers through life’s challenges. Through the St. Christopher Trucking Relief Fund and National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, TQL makes financial pledges to express appreciation for our network of carriers. St. Christopher has devoted more than $4 million to drivers who have been unable to work due to illness and injury. TQL proudly supports the mission to save lives and families – one driver at a time.

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