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While governments have declared the shipping industry as critical to the well-being of the country, some non-essential businesses are being closed and could affect our deliveries. Take these steps to minimize issues on your loads.

  1. LAEs should call your receivers daily to confirm delivery operations.
  2. For at-risk loads already in transit, contact TQL’s Distressed Load Assistance (DLA) team at, or extension 69116.
  3. If your shipper needs help with a contingency plan, or you have general questions about a load not yet in transit, contact Cargo Risk Management at, or extension 55500, option 3.

States Closing Non-Essential Businesses: Updated April 3 at 9:58 AM
U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico are still open for cargo. 


Canadian Provinces Closing Non-Essential Businesses: Updated March 31 at 9:26 AM
The U.S.- Canada border is still open for cargo.