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TQL is a multi-billion dollar company and leader in arranging truckload logistics for B2B customers throughout North America. TQL is expanding rapidly and has entry-level sales jobs and more available in our Erlanger office. 

Why a Sales Job in Logistics? 
Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on truckload transportation and every year more and more turn to third-party logistics providers (3PLs) like us to handle their needs. This is an entry-level sales job with unlimited potential and choices for your career path.

- Run your own account - avg. compensation for a third year broker: $81,000+
- Lead a team - 90% of TQL sales leadership has been promoted from within
- Start a new office -
we're growing rapidly!
Experience Our Culture: 
- Learn more about the people you'll work with on the #LifeatTQL blog
Watch videos of our employees in action
-View our office Facebook photo album 
- Check out open sales jobs and other positions in TQL's Erlanger, KY office  
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    Exceed the customer's expectations at all times and handle their transportation requirements from the moment of pickup until delivery 24/7/365.

    To speak to a TQL logistics expert, contact us at 1-800-580-3101.
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