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Those Who Don’t Jump Will Never Fly

Starting a business takes a big leap of faith.

Twenty years ago, TQL was founded on the principle that freight logistics could and should be done the right way -  with honesty and respect. 

In twenty years, not only did we prove that could be done, we rose to become the 2nd largest freight brokerage firm in the U.S.  To put it in perspective, there are about 16,000 freight logistics companies in the country.  We are #2.

It didn’t come easy.  Success requires pushing your boundaries and working harder than you ever thought you could.  It takes resilience, a strong work ethic and an insatiable drive. 

That’s why we chose “The Sky’s the Limit” for our 20th anniversary theme.  Giving people the opportunity to experience the thrill of pushing past what they thought was their limit is amazing, and we’ve had a blast celebrating it together.

In one week, we threw a pizza party for the entire company, gave away 4,200 T-shirts and coozies, sent a dozen employees skydiving, rappelled off the side of our corporate headquarters, raised almost $4,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters and had a helicopter drop in on our 20th anniversary patio party.   Just to name a few.

Below are a few of the highlights.

TQL’s CEO rappels down the side of corporate headquarters to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati.

TQL Charleston, WV was one of 59 TQL locations treated to a pizza party.
A helicopter drops in during the 20th anniversary patio party, and takes two lucky winners on a ride.


Cheers to 20 years.
If you’re ready to jump, fly or push your limits in ways you’ve never dreamed, we’ve got your wings
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